Creates a button group in a figure to group radio buttons.


h = uibuttongroup()

h = uibuttongroup(property, value, ...)

h = uibuttongroup(parent, property, value, ...)


Handle of a container object, which could be a figure, frame, uipanel, or uibuttongroup.
Type: double | integer
Dimension: scalar
property, value
Specifies the background color. Valid values are 'transparent' or a real vector specifying RGB values in the range 0-255 or 0-1.
Type: string | vector
Specifies the parent.
Type: scalar
Position and size of h. Value is specified as a vector of form: [left top width height]. If 'units' has a value of 'normalized', values must be between 0 to 1.
Type: vector
Text to be displayed in h.
Type: string
User-defined string to tag graphical control objects.
Type: string
Specifies units of measurement. Valid values are 'pixels'(default) and 'normalized'.
Value 'pixel' indicates that h has a fixed size and position specified by 'position'.
Value 'normalized' indicates that h will be resized if parent is resized.
Type: string


Handle of the uibuttongroup.