Creates a frame for interactive graphical control objects in a figure.


h = uipanel()

h = uipanel(property, value, ...)

h = uipanel(parent, property, value, ...)


Handle of a container object, which could be a figure, frame, uipanel, or uibuttongroup.
Type: double | integer
Dimension: scalar
property, value
Specifies if the aspect ratio for 'backgroundimage' needs to be ignored ('off') or kept ('on'). Default value is 'off', and the 'backgroundimage' is resized to the dimensions of h.
Type: string
Specifies the background color. Valid values are 'transparent' or a real vector specifying RGB values in the range 0-255 or 0-1.
Type: string | vector
Specifies the background image; requires a path to a valid image file.
Type: string
Specifies the border type. Valid options are 'beveledin' | 'beveledout' | 'etchedin' (default) | 'etchedout' | 'line' | 'none'
Type: string
Specifies the width of the border. Default value is 1.
Type: integer
Specifies the angle of the displayed font. Valid values are 'regular'(default) and 'italic'.
Type: string
Specifies the name of the displayed font.
Type: string
Specifies the size of the displayed font.
Type: scalar
Specifies the weight of the displayed font. Valid values are 'normal'(default) and 'bold'.
Type: string
Specifies the parent.
Type: scalar
Position and size of h. Value is specified as a vector of form: [left top width height]. If 'units' has a value of 'normalized', values must be between 0 to 1.
Type: vector
Text to be displayed on h.
Type: string
User-defined string to tag graphical control objects.
Type: string
Specifies units of measurement. Valid values are 'pixels'(default) and 'normalized'. Value 'pixel' indicates that h has a fixed size and position specified by 'position'. Value 'normalized' indicates that h will be resized if parent is resized.
Type: string
User-defined numerical data.
Type: complex | mtx | scalar
Specifies if h is visible. Valid values are 'on'(default) and 'off'.
Type: string


Handle of the uipanel.


Creates a uipanel with a background image:
f = gcf;
 panel = uipanel(f, 'units', 'normalized', 'position', [0, 0, 0.99, 0.3], 'backgroundimage', 'image1.jpg');