Creates a node in a uitree hierarchy.


h = uitreenode(parent)

h = uitreenode(parentparent, property, value, ...)


Handle of the parent which is of type uitree or uitreenode.
Type: scalar
property, value
Callback function that is triggered by a single mouse click on h. If value is a function handle, it must be a function that takes two arguments. The first argument is the handle of the uicontrol. The second argument is the event data to the uicontrol. OML passes empty data to the second argument if there is no data to the uicontrol. If value is a string, it must represent a function handle or a function name. If value is a cell, it must contain the function name/function handle in the first cell element and parameters to pass to callback function in the additional elements.
Type: cell | functionhandle | string
Specifies if h is enabled. Valid values are 'on'(default) and 'off'.
Type: string
Specifies if h is expanded. Valid values are 'on'(default) and 'off'.
Type: string
Specifies the angle of the displayed font. Valid values are 'regular'(default) and 'italic'.
Type: string
Specifies the name of the displayed font.
Type: string
Specifies the size of the displayed font.
Type: scalar
Specifies the weight of the displayed font in all tabs. Valid values are 'normal'(default) and 'bold'.
Type: string
Specifies the foregroundcolor color. Valid values are 'transparent' or a real vector specifying RGB values in the range 0-255 or 0-1.
Type: string | vector
Path to the icon of the root node.
Type: string
Specifies if the callback associated with h is interruptible by the user by clicking on the Stop button in the user interface. Valid values are 'off' (default) and 'off'.
Type: string
Specifies the parent handle.
Type: scalar
User-defined string to tag graphical control objects.
Type: string
Tooltip to display.
Type: string
Text displayed for the root node of h.
Type: string
User-defined numerical data.
Type: complex | mtx | scalar
User-defined scalar data.
Type: double | integer


Handle of the uitreenode created.


Creates tree nodes in a hierarchical tree:

h = uitree('text', 'My Tree', 'iconpath', 'msfolder.png', 'foregroundcolor', 'blue', ...
    'fontweight', 'bold');

% Internal node with properties
node1 = uitreenode(h, 'iconpath', 'mslist.png', 'text', 'Node1', 'fontangle', 'italic');

% Default internal node
node2 = uitreenode(h);
set(node2, 'enable', 'off');

% Leaf node
leafnode = uitreenode(node2, 'text', 'Leaf Node');

Figure 1. uitree command