Altair Simulation Help 2022.1 Release Notes

New Features

Accessing Local Help
The Altair Simulation help is provided in the following three packages for installation and access to the help on a local machine or shared network location.
  • CFD Solvers Help
  • Desktop Help
  • Solvers Help
If only one or two of the help packages is installed, attempting to navigate to an Altair Simulation product help page that is not installed locally will prompt users to install the help or access the help online.
Accessing Tutorial Model Files
You can now click a link, within a tutorial, to download the required model file(s) for that tutorial. This new feature is available in the tutorials of the following Altair Simulation products:
  • AcuSolve
  • HyperWorks CFD
  • HyperLife
  • HyperLife Weld Certification
  • HyperWorks
  • nanoFluidX
  • OptiStruct
  • Radioss
Important: This download option is only available if you (or any user) are connected to the internet. Users attempting to download a model file will be prompted with further directions on how to access the model file online. A zipped package of the model files can be downloaded from the Altair One Marketplace and extracted to a local machine or directory on your company’s local server.