Altair Simulation Licensing 2022.1 Release Notes

New Features

Product License Features
The following new Altair Simulation 2022.1 applications are available under Altair Units (AUs) licensing:
e-Motor Director
e-Motor Director enables building of complex multiphysics processes to study the behavior of an e-Motor concept. It offers a library of predefined solutions for various physics, which can be assembled through an intuitive user interface. Run DOEs and find optimal solutions easily through a guided setup and quick definition of Design Variables and responses. e-Motor Director requires 50 AUs.
PSIM is a simulation and design tool for power electronics and motor drives with analog/digital control, power loss models, and battery and photovoltaic models. It links directly with Activate and Embed for co-simulation.
  • PSIM Power Supply: Includes Design Suites for power supplies and conducted EMI analysis and filter design. It requires 10 AUs and looks for PSIMPowerSupply license feature.
  • PSIM Motor Drive: In addition to the functionality of the PSIM Power Supply, it provides electric machine and mechanical load models for motor drive system simulation and design. It requires 20 AUs and check for PSIMMotorDrive license feature.
  • PSIM Code Generation: PSIM embedded code generation and hardware support for TI C2000 MCUs. It requires 15 AUs and looks for PSIMCodeGen license feature.
  • PSIM Interface: PSIM co-simulation interfaces with Simulink, JMAG, Modelsim, and FMI. It requires 15 AUs and check for PSIMInterface license feature.
Altair License Manager
Altair Simulation 2022.1 products require Altair License Manager 15.0. The License Manager is compatible with previous versions of Altair software.
Note: Altair Simulation products that have upgraded the ALSDK to v15.0 will no longer work with Altair License Manager 14.5.1 or older.
Altair License Utility (almutil and almutilGUI)
There are several new options available for almutil. There is also a new graphical version of almutil and almutilGUI (or almutil_gui). The most commonly requested options are related to doing a license status. You can now run almutil –licstat with many different options to provide different outputs. Refer to almutil –help for more information. A new tab, Activation, has been added to almtuil_gui for remote status and some remote admin.

For more information, reference the Altair Units Licensing section in the Altair Simulation documentation.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue with wininet network API causing license error.
  • Fixed issue with ALM utility failing to authorize a host using auth code.
  • Removed dependency on log4j in Altair License Manager 15.0.