Altair HyperCrash 2022.1 Release Notes


New Radioss Keywords
Radioss Keyword Updates
/ALE/MAT: Flag Flrd is removed.
/EULER/MAT: Flag Flrd is removed.
/MAT/LAW27: Addition of Fsmooth and Fcut attributes.
/INTER/TYPE19: Addition of Igap=4.
/INTER/SUB: Changes to allow /INTER/TYPE25 to be selected.
/PROP/TYPE17: Attributes for viscosity option and material for inter-sub ply are added.

Resolved Issues

  • Issues in Result Mapper using Pamstamp result file have been fixed.
  • Issue in merging an input deck applying transformations on import has been fixed.
  • Wrong model checker errors reported for TH keywords have been corrected.
  • Issue in converting Pamcrash model to Radioss has been fixed.
  • Issue in converting LS-Dyna model to Radioss when transformations and parameters exist has been fixed.
  • Issue in Submodeling process during export of the decks has been fixed.