Extensions 2022.1 Release Notes

New Features

The Extensions infrastructure providing the main entry point for custom content has been significantly enhanced:

  • New Design of the Extension Manager
    • Common appearance across applications
    • Detailed view with more information (Location Path, Help Link)
  • Multi-client Support
    • Extensions can be developed for any HyperWorks client
  • Support of custom toolbars
  • Context Tcl API Commands
    • Enter/exit and interact with a tool programmatically.
    • The list of new commands can be found in the Context Commands section.

Figure 1.


The improvements to the Extension Manager include:

  • Support of minimum product version
  • Deleted extensions are removed from the extension manager instantaneously

Known Issues

  • Complete unloading of all GUI Elements like ribbon pages and loaded libraries/procedures requires an application restart.
  • Toolbars loaded with extensions are not exposed in the View – Toolbars menu.

Resolved Issues

  • No more warning messages during deletion of extensions are shown.