NVH Director 2022.1 Release Notes


  • Deterministic Optimization Workflow

New Features

Deterministic Optimization Workflow
The Deterministic Optimization Workflow is a very powerful, efficient end-to-end workflow for pre-processing, solving, and post-processing. In the Analysis Manager, Deterministic Optimization defines the optimization setup for the selected analysis. Use this option to create design variables for materials, gages, connections, and modal parameters. There are options to create design responses, constraints, and objectives for the user-defined loadcases, and submit the optimization to OptiStruct. You can save the complete optimization setup in an Assembly XML file for review and reuse. A new post-processing utility post-process the optimization results.


NVH Preferences
The NVH preferences supports team preferences and user preferences, providing efficient and seamless coexistence and usage of team and user preferences from a single preference file.
Model Correlation
Support for LCS from test UNV files in MAC calculation.
U-joint Connection
Support to specify plunging mass in U-joint connections.
Workflow Improvement
Workflow improvements for usability when creating and handling local coordinate systems, response point manager, frequency set manager, batch modal check, and batch model reduction.

Resolved Issues

  • Solving MAC optimization in Linux.
  • Plotting DSA results in Integrated Diagnostics.
  • Generating responses for *.odb file in Modal FRF.
  • Selecting a few modes in CMS modes for MSA.