Altair HyperStudy 2022.1 Release Notes

Note: In version 2023, Altair will deprecate HyperWorks Desktop. Hence, HyperMesh Desktop Model will be retired and MotionView Model will be updated to use hstp connection scheme.

New Features

Predict Vector-Based Responses
Functionality has been added to predict series of data points indexed in order.
New Report Option for Fit Models
Regression models can now be exported in Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU) format. This will allow the use of HyperStudy regression models to be deployed in any platform that supports Functional Mock-up Interface.
New Software Integration
Altair Flow Simulator Model has been added to support parametric Thermo-fluid System Design studies.


Improved Accuracy and Efficiency of Mathematical Methods via Special Gradient Definition
In a multi-model study environment, a response may be completely independent of some design variables. That is, a response of model A and design variables of model B. Introducing zero correlation between a response and design variables help reduce dimensionality, which improves efficiency and accuracy of fit and optimization methods. Add Always Zero button and Always Zero option have been added in Gradient Tab to automatically detect and define such relationships.
Support for Additional Variable Types in B PreProcessor Model
The connection has been updated to support both string and integer variable types.
Additional Convergence Criterion for GRSM
A threshold option has been added to track improvement of objective value over the span of user-defined number of iterations. Once the threshold is reached, GRSM terminates.
Vector Response Data via Custom Reports
New report API has been introduced to export data sources through custom python scripts.

Resolved Issues

  • Pyfit now handles inactive fits correctly.
  • HyperStudy now writes the actual values of upper and lower bounds for linked variables in hst_input.hstp files. B PreProcessor connection requires bounds explicitly specified.
  • You can now remove a model without removing up all dependencies first.
  • Area Curve in Area Tool now scales correctly.