Load Creation

Load Creation is the first step in process flow. You can create or define loads by importing a load definition CSV file. Below is the Load panel.

Figure 1.
You can do the following operations in the panel:
  • Load File - select a load definition file. SnRD supports the following file formats:
    • CSV
    • TXT
  • Add - this will import the load data and create a Tabled1 data in the table
  • Update - you can update a tabled1 data with a new load definition file
  • Entry Selection Options - to perform selection options, like Select All, Unselected All and Reverse Selection for the table entry items
  • Refresh Data - to refresh the data in the panel
  • Delete options - to delete all or delete selected items in the panel
  • HyperGraph plot - you can visualize the Tabled1 data in a HyperGraph chart for a load from the table.