By Window

Use the By Window option in the Extended Entity Selection menu to create a window that can be used to select entities on your model.

The window must have at least three sides defined.

Figure 1. Window Selection

Panel Options

Option Action
points Draw a window by selecting points in the modeling window.
interior Select all entities within the window.

Figure 2. Interior Window Selection
exterior Select all entities outside the window.

Figure 3. Exterior Window Selection
visible only When disabled, only the visible elements inside of the selection window are taken into account. Visible means that the element centroid is visible (for solids at least one faces centroid).

Select this checkbox to take into account all of the elements inside of the selection window.

Command Buttons

Button Action
select entities Select the entities shown in the modeling window.
reject entities Reject the selection.
delete window Delete the current window.
return Exit the panel.