Hidden Line Panel

Use the Hidden Line panel to create hidden line plots of the displayed structure.

Location: Post page

Panel Options

Option Action
title = Specify a title for the plot.
fill with: Choose whether to fill the plot with the same color as the relevant elements, or to specify a color.
xy plane, yz plane, xz plane Each of these checkboxes enables the corresponding toggles for element/ and single/, as well as the reverse button.
element / color Choose whether to display elements or change the color of the associated cutting plane.
single / double Planes can be single planes or double planes. If double is selected, the menu item t = represents the thickness of the plane or the offset from the base cutting plane.
reverse Reverse the direction of the cutting plane(s).
trim planes Mask the model so that only the parts beyond the cutting plane display. Clear this checkbox to display only the plane.
reset planes Reset cutting planes after they have been dragged or changed.
clip boundary elements Cut the model flat, along the planar surface. Clear this checkbox to draw complete elements, often resulting in a bumpy surface.

Command Buttons

Button Action
show plot Display the plot using the current settings.
return Exit the panel.