Ribs Panel

Use the Ribs panel to create and modify simple ribs between two surfaces.

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Geometry definition is normally created in CAD systems and imported into the Engineering Solutions database. CAE modeling is done using the geometry available in Engineering Solutions. From the CAE analysis results or from optimization of the structures sometimes it is necessary to add stiffening ribs to the geometry. It is not convenient to use the CAD system to add ribs and modify the dimensions or its locations. Using this panel you can create and modify simple ribs between two surfaces, but not more than two surfaces. Rib locations and thickness can also be modified using the Dimensioning panel, with some limitations. Complicated ribs still need to be created in the CAD system and re imported to Engineering Solutions.

Figure 1. Triangular Rib Terminology

Figure 2. Quadrilateral Rib Terminology

Panel Options

Option Action
rib type Choose a rib type.

Figure 3. Triangular Shaped Rib

Figure 4. Quadrilateral Shaped Rib
profile plane Define the location and orientation of the rib. This plane is used as reference geometry, with respect to which sides of the rib are constructed. For example, when draft angle is zero, the two side surfaces of the rib are parallel to this plane.

Select a rib profile plane using the plane selector (x,y,z planes, vector or a base node).

plane position Select the rib position from the profile plane (centered, on right or on left).
rib start node Select a rib start node on a surface where the rib will start. You can modify this during the preview. This will give the height of the rib.
rib end node Select a rib end node on a surface where the rib will end. You can modify this during the preview. This will give the length of the triangular rib or the height at the other end of the quadrilateral rib.
height and length Specify the height and length of the triangular rib.
height 1 and height 2 Specify height 1 and height 2 of the quadrilateral rib. Provides heights at both ends for the quadrilateral rib.
width Specify the width of the rib.
draft angle Specify an angle used for the side face inclination.

Command Buttons

Button Action
add Create the geometry if the preview is correct.
reject Reject any changes that were made.
return Exit the panel.