Summary Panel

Use the Summary panel to obtain a summary of component element counts or element properties of the current model.

Location: Post page

You can define your own summary by creating a template file.

By default, the Summary panel summarizes the following:
Component Name, ID, Material Name, Thickness, Mass, #Elements
Center of Gravity
Component Name, ID, Mass, X, Y, Z
Type of Elements, Element Configurations
Error Checks
Load Collector, Load Steps, Components
Load Collector, ID, FX, FY, FZ, Magnitude
Moment of Inertia
Component Name, ID, Mass, Moment of Inertia Matrix

Panel Options

Option Action
template file Specify the template file to use.
output file Specify a name of the output file to generate.
browse Display a file browser to select an output file name and location.
all / displayed Choose between generating a summary of all entities, or just the displayed ones.
print it Send a copy of the summary file to the printer

Command Buttons

Button Action
load Load the selected template file.
summary Generate a file and displays the file on the screen. The file created is in slide file format. Once the file is displayed, you can use the right mouse button to access a control panel during the slide mode.

The summary template files function in exactly the same manner as analysis code templates. You can copy these templates into your own directory and modify them to summarize any quantities you want. Both element and property summaries are currently supported for each analysis type.

return Exit the panel.