Line Edit Panel

Use the Line Edit panel to split, join, or extend lines.

Location: Geom page

Some subpanel' functions execute automatically when lines are selected, but other panels (split at line, split at plane, smooth, and extend) require you to click a green command button located on the right side of the panel.

Combine Subpanel

Use the Combine subpanel to create a new continuous line segment between two existing lines, resulting in a single seamless line. Once you select both lines, they will be combined automatically.

Figure 1.
Option Action
1st line Select the first of the two lines to combine.
2nd line Select the second of the two lines to combine.
smooth / straight Choose how to create connections made between non-collinear lines.
Created as a curve.
Created as a straight line with angles at the points where it meets the input lines.

Split at Point Subpanel

Use the Split at Point subpanel to split an existing line into two separate line segments. The split occurs at a point which you select by clicking the line.
Option Action
line Select an input line. The selected line will remain highlighted. Click the point on the line where you wish the split to occur. The split will be made automatically.

Split at Joint Subpanel

Use the Split a Joint subpanel to split a line into separate segments at a joint. Joints exist where lines have been previously combined, or where geometric features dictate. Joints are part of the line definition history, so depending on how the line was created, it may or may not have joints.
Option Action
lines Select the input line. The line will remain highlighted, and any joints associated to that line will be indicated with a red "V". Click any of the displayed joints to split the line at that location, and the split will be made automatically.

Figure 2.

Split at Line Subpanel

Use the Split at Line subpanel to split each of the input lines at the point where they are crossed by another line or lines. You must specify the lines to be split and the lines that determine the split location separately.
Option Action
lines Select the lines to split.
cut line Select the line that cross the input lines where you wish them to be split.
Note: You can only specify a single cut line, even though you can specify multiple lines to be split.

Split at Plane Subpanel

Use the Split at Plane subpanel to split each of the input lines at the point where they are crossed by a user-defined plane. You must specify the lines to be split and define the plane, either via one of the coordinate axes with a base node, a vector entity with a base node, or by specifying three nodes and a base node.
Option Action
lines Select the lines to split.
(plane and vector selector) Use the standard plane and vector selector to define the plane that intersects the lines where you wish them to be split.

Smooth Line Subpanel

Use the Smooth Line subpanel to convert sharp angles or joints in the input lines into smooth curves instead. You can determine an upper limit allowed for angles, so that angles below than this limit will be smoothed into curves while the angles above the limit are preserved.
Option Action
lines Select the lines to smooth.
smooth corners / approximate lines Choose a smoothing behavior.
smooth corners
Convert only sharp angles in the lines to curves.
approximate lines
Convert the input lines to straight lines that approximate their current shapes, but exactly connect their start and end points.
min. tangent angle Corners whose angle relative to the line is less than this value will not be smoothed.
Note: Only available when smooth corners is selected.
tolerance = This setting only displays when using the smooth entire line option.
approximation type Choose an approximation type: flat parabola or bezier simplify.
Note: Only available when approximate lines is selected.

Extend Line Criteria Subpanel

Use the Extend Line Criteria subpanel to make an existing line longer, following the general vector and/or curvature of the input line. You can specify the distance as a numeric value, or extend the line to a specified node, line, surface, or point.
Option Action
line Select the line to extend. Only one line is accepted. Once selected, the beginning (origin) of the line is indicated with a red "V". Clicking extend + will extend the line from the end point; clicking extend - will extend from the origin.
distance = / to:
Specify a distance to extend.
Select an entity to which the line will be extend to meet.
Choose between a specific distance to extend, or extending the line to meet another entity.
Note: Clicking extend - will extend the line from the origin by the distance from the origin point to the selected destination geometry. The extended line will not necessarily meet the geometry.
follow curvature When extending a line, this option causes the extension to follow the existing line curvature. If disabled, the extension will form a straight extension.
capture radius = Specify the range that the extended line must fall within to connect to the target geometry. If the end of the extended line is within the capture radius of the target geometry, then the coordinates are mapped to the target geometry.
Note: Only available when using the to: extension distance option.

Command Buttons

Option Action
reject Undo the most recent edit.
split When splitting by a point, joint, line, or plane, this button performs the split provided that all necessary criteria are complete.
smooth Smooth the selected lines in accordance with the criteria specified.
extend + Extend the line from the end point.
extend - Extend the line from the origin.
return Exit the panel.