Fatigue Panel

Use the Fatigue panel to write stress, strain, force, and moment results from finite element analysis to an external file that can then be used to set up fatigue analysis.

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Stress/strain results are used for fatigue analysis of shell/solid elements, while force/moment results are used for fatigue analysis of spot welds. You may choose to write these results for the entire finite element model or for selected entities.

Panel Options

Option Action
FE Analysis Type Select a FE Analysis type.
Use if the finite element analysis stress/strain results were obtained from linear static or modal analysis.
transient dynamic
Use if dynamic finite element analysis was used to obtain the stress/strain results for the model.
Output File Format: ascii /binary Select the file format, depending on the format supported by the fatigue solver.
entity selector Select entities.

Choose nodes if the data group that you selected pertains to nodal results. Similarly, choose elements if the data group you selected pertains to elemental results. Alternatively, a predefined entity set comprised of nodes or elements can be selected pertaining to a data group with nodal/elemental results, respectively. If the results of the data group and the entity type are not the same, Engineering Solutions displays the error message "Results file doesn't contain nodal (or elemental) values."

output file Locate an output file name and location.

This file becomes the input file for the fatigue solver.

data group Select the data group that you want to write to the output file.
select simulation Select from all, selection, or range.

You can write out stress/strain information for all of the time steps, or you can choose a range from a starting time step to an ending time step, or you can choose a selection of time steps manually from the available list.

start with Select the time step to start the simulation.
end with Select the time step to end the simulation.

Command Buttons

Button Action
write A file in the specified format ( ASCII or Binary) is written to your directory. You can read this file into the appropriate fatigue solver to complete the setup for fatigue analysis.
return Exit the panel.