Global Panel

Use the Global panel to control global parameters that are accessed by several different panels. These parameters remain constant until changed. It also controls which components or collectors are active. Any entities you create are stored in the active collectors. Finally, you can use this panel to specify which template file you want to use. (Template files must first be created.)

Location: Only accessible in the panel area by pressing "g" on the keyboard.

Note: Template and results files can be loaded from the Standard toolbar, while various collectors can be made current by selecting them in the Model Browser and selecting Make Current from the right-click context menu. These are now the preferred methods of making such settings.

Panel Options

Option Action
template file Specify the path and filename of the desired file.
results file Click browse, then navigate to and select the desired file.
pg1 / pg2 Choose between visible sets of collectors.
current collectors: Click each button, then select an existing collector to make current.

Command Buttons

Button Action
load Open a file browser to navigate to and select the desired template file.
return Exit the panel.