Count Panel

Use the Count panel to obtain a count of all the entities in your database.

Location: Tool page

You can count selected entities, displayed entities, or all entities in the model. When you click displayed or all entities, the counter fields for all affected entities are updated in all subpanels. Entities that fit the category are not counted. For example, when you click to count displayed entities, the mats and props fields are blank because these entities do not display in HyperMesh.

A component is considered "displayed" if either its elements or its geometry (or both) are displayed.

The selected function counts the entities that are currently selected. It returns the number of selected entities, and all entities which are related to the selected entities. For example, when components are selected, selected returns the number of components, the number of elements in the selected components, the number of lines in the selected components, and the number of nodes that are attached to the counted elements.

Counting all is faster than counting selected.

Geometry Subpanel

Use the Geometry subpanel to count geometric entities in the model.
  • lines (reports free lines)
  • points (reports free points)
  • surfaces
  • solids
  • systems
  • system collectors
  • topology lines (reports surface/solid edges)
  • topology points (reports surface/solid vertices/fixed points)
  • vectors
  • vector collectors
  • connectors

FE Entities Subpanel

Use the FE Entities subpanel to count FE entities in the model.
  • nodes
  • elements
  • components
  • assemblies
  • materials
  • properties
  • sets
  • plies
  • laminates
  • beamsections
  • beamsection collectors
  • plots
  • curves
  • titles
  • tags

BC Entities Subpanel

Use the BC Entities subpanel to count the entities that are used to setup model boundary conditions.
  • groups
  • contactsurfs
  • loads
  • equations
  • loadcols
  • output blocks

Safety Subpanel

Use the Safety subpanel to count the entities used in safety models.
  • sensors
  • control volumes
  • blocks
  • multibodies
  • ellipsoids
  • mbplane
  • mbjoint

Morph Subpanel

Use the Morph subpanel to count the entities used in morphing tools.
  • shapes
  • domains
  • handles
  • symmetries
  • morph constraints
  • morph volumes

Optimization Subpanel

Use the Optimization subpanel to count optimization entities.
Note: Only available when the OptiStruct solver interface is selected.
  • designvar
  • tables
  • optifuncts
  • optiresp
  • dvprels
  • objectives
  • dobjrefs
  • opticonst
  • desvarlinks
  • opticontrol
  • optidscreen