On Plane Panel

Use the On Plane panel to select entities that are on or touch a plane.

Location: Accessed from the Extended Entity Selection menu

You can select nodes, elements, components, lines, surfaces, points, and contactsurfs that are on a plane within a given tolerance. You can also select entities that are on a vector normal to a plane (at the base point).

When selecting nodes or elements on a plane (plane toggle), HyperMesh determines the plane and selects all the nodes or elements that are within a given tolerance from that plane. All components whose elements are on the plane can be found. You can also find lines or surfs that simply touch the plane, or those that are entirely on the plane (within tolerance).

When selecting entities on the normal to plane, HyperMesh determines a normal vector at the base point selected and then finds all the entities that are within the tolerance of that vector.

Panel Options

Option Action
plane and vector selector Select the plane.

Entities within the tolerance= value of this plane will be selected in the entity selector from which the panel was accessed.

tolerance = Specify the distance that entities are permitted to be from the defined plane and still be selected. Entities beyond this distance will not be selected.
plane / normal of plane Select whether the selection is bi-directional or not.
Select the entities within the tolerance distance in either the positive or negative normal side of the plane.
normal of plane
Only select the entities on the positive normal side of the plane.

Command Buttons

Button Action
create Create the new objective entity.
update Update the selected objective entity.
review Populate the fields with data.
  • If the problem is a min or max problem the objective is displayed in the response = field.
  • If the problem is a minmax or maxmin problem, click dobjrefs to see which dobjrefs are selected (they will be highlighted in the model).
return Exit the panel.