Axis Labels Panel

Use the Axis Labels panel to edit the axis label information of the current plot or selected attributes in a group of plots.

Location: Post page > xy plots panel

Figure 1. No Title or Labels Applied

Figure 2. X-Axis Title and Label Applied

Figure 3. X-Axis and Y-Axis Labels Applied

Panel Options

Option Action
plot= Select a single plot to edit the axis label information.
plots Select multiple plots to change the label characteristics.
xaxis title= Specify the x axis title.
xaxis label= Specify the x axis label information.
yaxis title= Specify the y axis title.
yaxis label= Specify the y axis label information.
color Change the color of the title and labels.
font Select a new font for the title and labels.

Command Buttons

Button Action
update Update the plots with the changed information.
return Exit the panel.