Plots Panel

Use the Plots panel to create and manage plot collectors.

Location: Post page > XY Plots panel

Using the Plots panel you can create an entirely new plot collector or a new plot based on default values from an existing plot. If you have complex data, you can create dual plots to display real/imaginary or phase/magnitude curve data. You can also select the curves that are to be displayed on the plot.

Figure 1. Standard Plot

Figure 2. Dual Plot

Panel Options

Option Action
plot = Specify a name for the plot collector.
like = Click to select an existing plot whose default values you want to use for the new plot.
standard / real/imag / phase/mag Select a method for creating plots.
Create a single plot.
Create a dual plot with real and imaginary.
Create a dual plot with phase and magnitude.
Note: After you create a real/imag or phase/mag plot, the standard selection is removed from the menu.

Command Buttons

Button Action
create plot Create a new plot based on the current inputs.
select curves Select the curves to display.
After you click return, the curves you selected are displayed in the plot.

Figure 3.
return Exit the panel.