Solver Panel

Use the Solver panel to run an external program from within HyperMesh or assign and run a solver on selected analysis decks.

You can run linear static and Lanczos eigenvalue extraction solutions through a sparse matrix finite element solver. The solver is incorporated in OptiStruct's topology optimization software serving as the core solver for finite element solutions and is fully benchmarked using the standard MacNeil/Harding tests to ensure correct element formulation.

Panel Options

Option Action
solver selector Select the desired solver.

The default solver is OptiStruct. Other solvers include hmabaqus, hmansys, hmcmold, hmmflow, hmnast, hmnasto2, and, hmpam. If you want to use a different solver, enter the solver name in the HyperMesh configuration file. You must restart HyperMesh before the additional solver name appears in the interface.

solver file Select the name of the program you want to run.
input file Select the input file.

Command Buttons

Input Action
solve Run the specified program in a separate window.
return Exit the panel.