Autocleanup Panel

Use the Autocleanup panel to perform automatic geometry cleanup and prepare your model for meshing based on the parameters set in the BatchMesher criteria file.

Location: Geom page

Cleanup operations include the equivalencing of "red" free edges, fixing of small surfaces (relative to the element size), and detection of features such as beads. It also performs specified surface editing/defeaturing operations like the removal of pinholes (less than specified size), removal of edge fillets, and the addition of a layer of washer elements around holes.

The Autocleanup panel performs the geometry cleanup portion of the BatchMesher and is available in interactive mode for ease of use. Since it performs a variety of geometry cleanup tools, the function will not be instantaneous and can take a few minutes depending on the size of the model. The criteria by which the cleanup functions is determined by the BatchMesher parameter and element quality criteria files, both of which can be edited from within this panel using the BatchMesher Parameter Editor.

Panel Options

Option Action
edit criteria Open and edit the current criteria file.
edit parameters Open and edit the current parameter file.
Elements quality criteria
use current criteria
Use the default element criteria file.
criteria file=
Load a different criteria file.
Double-click criteria file= to browse to the desired file, then click load.
Extract midsurfaces (Basic tab) Define if midsurface extraction is enabled.
Features All geometric defeaturing options are considered.
Geometry Cleanup All options are considered.
Midsurface Define midsurface extraction options, if midsurface extraction is enabled.
preserve edges Open the Preserve Edges tool and define settings to ensure that specific component edges and feature lines do not accidentally get discarded during auto cleanup or batch meshing.
surfs Select surfaces to which automatic geometry cleanup should be performed.
Target element size (Basic tab) Define target element size.
Topology cleanup parameters
use current parameters
Use the default parameter file.
parameter file=
Load a different parameter file.
Double-click parameters file= to browse to the desired file, then click load.

Command Buttons

Button Action
autocleanup Perform geometry cleanup.
reject Revert cleanup if your results are undesirable.
return Exit the panel.