Obj Reference Panel

Use the OBJ Reference panel to define a response and its reference values for a minmax (maxmin) optimization problem.

Location: Analysis page > Optimization panel
Note: Only available in the OptiStruct solver interface.

Panel Options

Option Action
dobjref= Specify a name for the objective-reference definition.

To edit an existing reference, click the button to select an existing objective reference.

neg reference = Specify the desired negative reference value.
pos reference = Specify the desired positive reference value.
response = Click this button to select a response.
all / loadsteps Choose between using all loadsteps or selecting only specific loadsteps.

If you choose loadsteps, use the selector to select loadsteps to be part of the objective reference.

Command Buttons

Button Action
create Create the new dobjref entity.
update Update the selected dobjref entity.
review Once at least one dobjref entity exists, specify it in the dobjref = field and then click review.
return Exit the panel.