Creates a constraint between a point on one body and a surface, where the surface can deform and attach to one or multiple bodies.


*PointToDeformableSurfaceJoint(ptdsf_name,"ptdsf_label",body, point, def_surface)


The variable name of the point to deformable surface joint.
Data type: varname
The label of the point to deformable surface joint.
Data type: label
The first body of the joint.
Data type: Body
The point on the first body which will be constrained to the surface.
Data type: Point
The deformable surface that is attached to one or more bodies or a flexbody.
Data type: Deformable Surface


*BeginMDL(the_model, "The Model")

 *Point(p_1, "Point 1")
 *Point(p_2, "Point 2")
 *Point(p_3, "Point 3")
 *Point(p_4, "Point 4")
 *Point(p_5, "Point 5")
 *Point(p_6, "Point 6")
 *DeformableSurface(defsrf_0, "DeformableSurface 0", NATURAL, 3, 2, 
  m_0, m_1, m_2, m_3, m_4, m_5)
 *Marker(m_0, "Marker 0", b_1, p_1)
 *Marker(m_1, "Marker 1", b_1, p_2)
 *Marker(m_2, "Marker 2", b_1, p_3)
 *Marker(m_3, "Marker 3", b_1, p_4)
 *Marker(m_4, "Marker 4", b_1, p_5)
 *Marker(m_5, "Marker 5", b_1, p_6)
 *Body(b_1, "Body 1")
 *Body(b_0, "Body 0")
 *PointToDeformableSurfaceJoint(aj_0, "Advanced Joint 0", b_0, p_10, 
 *Point(p_10, "Point 0" )
 *Set(defsrf_0.uspan, 1.1)
 *SetPoint(p_1, 50, 10, 10)
 *SetPoint(p_2, 100, 10, 10)
 *SetPoint(p_3, 150, 10, 10)
 *SetPoint(p_4, 50, 20, 20)
 *SetPoint(p_5, 100, 20, 20)
 *SetPoint(p_6, 150, 20, 20)
 *SetPoint(p_10, 100, 100, 100)







Table 1.
Property Returns Data Type Description
id integer The solver id for the entity.
idstring string The solver id for the entity in string data form.
label string The descriptive name of the entity.
note string The detailed notes and description about the entity.
state boolean Set to zero for the entity to be inactive, or set to one for the entity to be active.
type datatype The type of advanced joint.
varname string The unique variable name of the entity.


This entity will constrain the point that is located on a body to remain at all times constrained to the deformable surface. The deformable surface consists of an ordered list of markers or body/point sets that can belong to a single body, multiple bodies, or flexible bodies.