*Set() - Implicit graphic visibility

Sets the visibility of implicit graphics within a context.


*Set(draw_implicit, option)


draw_ implicit
The property representing the visibility of implicit graphics within a context.
Data type: boolean
Valid values are true or false. When false, the implicit graphics within the context (System/Assembly/Analysis) will not be drawn in the graphics area.
Default: true
*System(sys_frnt_susp, “Front Suspension”, sysdef_macpherson_frnt, b_veh_body)
*DefineSystem( sysdef_macpherson_frnt, b_lca_att )
    *Attachment( b_lca_att, "LCA att body", BodyPair, "LCA attaching body", ,  )
    *Set(draw_implicit, false)
    *PointPair( p_wheel_cg, "Wheel CG" )
    *PointPair( p_wc, "Wheel center" )
    *PointPair( p_spalign, "Spindle align" )
    *BodyPair( b_kn, "Knuckle", p_kn_cg, , , ,  )
    *BodyPair( b_lca, "Lwr control arm", p_lca_cg, , , ,  )
    *BodyPair( b_wheel, "Wheel", p_wheel_cg, , , ,  )







  1. This statement is used to set the visibility of the implicit graphics of ALL entities within a system/assembly/analysis and their child systems. This statement overrides any other global visibility setting for implicit graphics.
  2. An entity visibility can individually be changed using *Set(entity_varname.draw_implicit, true|false), where entity_varname is the variable name of the entity within the same context.