Creates a user constraint entity to describe a constraint by way of a user subroutine.


*UserConstraint(ucon_name, "ucon_label")


The variable name of the user constraint.
Data type: varname
The descriptive label of the user constraint.
Data type: label


*BeginMDL(the_model, "The Model")
 *UserConstraint(ucon, "Example User Constraint")
 *SetUserConstraint(ucon, USER, `USER( 300, 1, 2)`)
 *Set(ucon.use_local_dll, TRUE)
 *Set(ucon.local_dll, "C:/Test/myuserconstraint.dll")






Table 1.
Property Returns Data Type Description
id integer Solver input deck ID number.
id_string string The ID represented as a string.
label string The descriptive label of the user constraint.
local_dll string The path and filename of the local DLL to be used. Applicable only if use_local_dll is set to TRUE.
note string The note on the entity.
num integer The unique identification number within MDL.
state boolean Control state (TRUE or FALSE). This parameter is read only and cannot be directly changed by the user (see user_state).
use_local_dll boolean The flag for whether a DLL specific to an instance of the user constraint entity will be used.
user_state boolean The state that can be set by the user (TRUE or FALSE).
usr_sub string The solver expression that sets the arguments for the user defined constraint.
usr_type string Indicates that the user constraint will be described by a user subroutine. Valid settings include USER.
varname string The variable name of the user constraint.


This entity only applies if a user subroutine is developed that describes the degrees of freedom to be allowed. See the .