Specifies the varname and label that should be used when instantiating the system.


*SetDefaultSystemInstance(varname, "definitionlabel")


The varname to when this system definition gets loaded via the System panel.
Data type: Symbol
"definition label"
The label the user interface will recommend when adding or replacing an assembly or analysis.
See Comments below.
Data type: String


*SetDefaultSystemInstance( , Front Suspension)


Varname is currently only used in 10.0 or older models. It is ignored with the new assembly concepts.

When adding/replacing an assembly/analysis, the graphical user interface will try to intelligently choose the label. It looks for labels in the following order (if they are blank or not specified, it goes to the next one in line):
  1. Data Label
  2. Definition Label
  3. Auto-generated Label (Assembly 0)