Use the External Video Decoder

  1. Obtain the ffmpeg or mplayer (see Prerequisites for more information).
  2. From the [install_directory]/hw/prefinc folder, view the preferences_video.mvw file and verify that the *ExternalConverter() command is present and that a batch (Windows) or script file (Linux) exists in the location specified by the command. By default, this file will be named ffmpeg_codec_converter.
  3. Edit the file located in the path from the *ExternalConverter() statement. For Windows, edit the file with a BAT extension. The default command in the ffmpeg_codec_converter command is c:\\zvideo\\ffmpeg_converter\\ffmpeg -i %1 -y -vcodec mjpeg %2. You will need to replace the path ahead of ffmpeg with the path where your ffmpeg.exe is located. See the Relevant Statements section for more information.
  4. Start HyperWorks and attempt to open a video file that was unreadable in version 10.0 or older.
  5. When prompted, click Yes to start the external conversion process.
  6. You should soon see your video in HyperWorks (version 11.0 or later).