Access the CVT for Scooter Models

The MBD-Vehicle Dynamics Tools must be loaded as a preference file.

Follow the steps below to load this profile and access the CVT Powertrain model:

  1. From the Menu bar, select File > Load > Preference File.
    1. Choose the MBD-Vehicle Dynamics Tools profile and click Load.
    Figure 1.
  2. From the Model menu, selected the Set Wizard Paths and set the Two wheeler Wizard Library.
    Figure 2.
    Figure 3.
  3. Click Model > Assembly Wizard.
    Figure 4.
  4. In primary systems CVT will be available as a Powertrain option.
    Figure 5.
    After completing the vehicle building process, a scooter model with an IC Engine and CVT will be loaded in MotionView:
    Figure 6.