PM Flex Tire

This tire is a FE based flexible tire solution from Pratt Miller that can interact with EDEM particles representing soil, sand, gravel, and so on. The tire model requires a finite element modeling file (.bdf) and other associated files. The AutoTire entity in MotionView provides a utility to generate the required mesh files from a CAD file. The tire can then be transferred to EDEM through MotionView-EDEM coupling interface. PM-FlexTire software is available as an Altair Partner product under the Altair Units licensing system.

To use PM-FlexTire with your MotionView model, add an AutoTire entity from the MBD-Vehicle Dynamics Tools to your model. See Accessing Auto Entities in MotionView and AutoTire - Auto Entity for more information. Once you have added an AutoTire, select a .fxt property file. You can find example property files in the Altair HyperWorks installation here:


To run the model on a rigid road, any one of the other Tires should be used.

See the Flex Tire Tab topic for additional information.