Scooter - Front Telescopic Fork (Classic)

This suspension has a primary barrel tube and a slider tube is placed inside of it, providing free movement to the later one. It is laden with a spring and shock absorber inside. In the telescopic suspension, the slider is connected to the yoke of the handle while the barrel tube or damping unit is connected to the wheel.

Figure 1. Front Telescopic Fork (Classic) with Steering

Model Use

The Front Telescopic Fork Suspension system can be used in two-wheeler full vehicle models. The default geometry and mass approximate a two wheeler scooter, however the model and data can be revised to reflect any size two wheeler.
  • The wheel body represents the mass and inertia of the tire and the rim.
  • The wheel hub body represents the mass and inertia of other rotating bodies such as a the brake disks or drum. The wheel hub and brake system have no associated graphics.
  • The wheel and wheel hub parts use the Wheel center location as the center of gravity.

The image below shows the browser view of the systems on a fully populated front suspension model.

Figure 2. Browser View of Front Telescopic Fork (Classic) Suspension


Points locate the joints and bushings that connect the suspension bodies to one another. The image below shows the principal points for the Front Telescopic Fork Suspension.

Figure 3. Right Side Points – Front Telescopic Fork (Classic) Suspension


The Front Telescopic Fork (Classic) Suspension is comprised of the bodies shown in the image below:

Figure 4. Bodies – Front Telescopic Fork (Classic) Suspension

Bushings and Joints

The table below describes the bodies, bushings, and joints for the Front Telescopic Fork Suspension:
Label Type Body 1 Body 2 Point
Fork Tube to Rod Translate Shock Rod Shock Tube Shock Upper CG
Rod to Fork Fix Fixed Shock Rod Steering Column Steering Column Bottom End
Spindle to Fork Fixed Spindle Shock Tube Wheel Center
Spindle to Wheel Revolute Front Wheel Spindle Front Wheel CG
Steering REV Joint Revolute Handle Frame Steering Axis Top
Handle_st_column Fixed Handle Steering Column Steering Axis Top
The following image shows the location of the joints and bushings in the suspension:

Figure 5. Joints - Front Telescopic Fork (Classic) Suspension