Solver Strings

Use the Strings tool to create a solver string and set solver string data. A solver string provides a string that can be accessed within the model, for example, to pass into a user subroutine.

Create and Edit Solver Strings

  1. From the Project Browser, select the system to which the solver string is to be added.
  2. Right-click on a system in the Project Browser and select Add > Control Entity > Solver String from the context menu.
    Right-click on a solver string folder in the Project Browser and select Add Solver String from the context menu.
    From the Model ribbon, click the arrow next to the References tool set name, then select Strings icon.
    The Add Solver String dialog is displayed.
  3. Specify a label for the solver string.
    The label can be changed at any time.
  4. Specify a variable name for the solver string.
    By default, variables names of entities in MotionView follow a certain convention. For example, all solver string entities have a variable name starting with “ss_”. This is the recommended convention to follow when building models in MotionView since it has many advantages in model editing and model manipulation.
  5. Click OK to close the window or Apply to continue creating entities.
    Once a solver string entity has been added to the model, the panel for the string will automatically be displayed in the panel area.
  6. From the string panel, enter a solver string in the text box.