Objective Panel

Use the Objective panel to define the objective function for an optimization problem.

Location: Analysis page - Optimization panel
Note: Only available in the OptiStruct solver interface.

Panel Options

Option Action
min / max / minmax / maxmin Choose an objective type.
response = Click this button to select an existing response.
Note: Only available for min or max objectives.
dobjrefs / dsysid
Specify the desired objective references using the selector.
Click the button to select the desired system ID.
Note: Only available for minmax or maxmin objectives.

Command Buttons

Button Action
create Create the new objective entity.
update Update the selected objective entity.
review Populate the fields with data:
  • If the problem is a min or max problem the objective is displayed in the response = field.
  • If the problem is a minmax or maxmin problem, click dobjrefs to see which dobjrefs are selected (they will be highlighted in the model).
return Exit the panel.