Seatbelt Tensioning

Apply tension to a seatbelt for testing using the tensioning option.

The tensioning option in the Seatbelt entity context allows you to simulate the tensioning process on a seatbelt. You can define the tensioning force, contact friction, and the pulling of the belt (start or end).

  1. Right-click the appropriate seatbelt entity and select Tensioning from the context menu.
  2. Optional: Set options as necessary by clicking the menu.
  3. On the guide bar, click the Tension button.
    This will start the tension process. A status bar in the lower left corner informs you of the evolution of the process.
  4. From the microdialog, use the Cut End slider to cut the tensioned belt at the initial end or start location.
  5. Click Update Nodes to update the seatbelt with the shape of the selected simulation step.