Duplicate Entities

Duplicate selected entities.

Restriction: Only available in HyperMesh.

Duplicate entities in the following ways:

  • Select an entity in a browser then press Ctrl + D, or right-click and select Duplicate from the context menu.
    This action is equivalent to creating a new entity using the same attributes (color, Entity Editor fields, etc.) as the selected entity. If the duplicated entity is a collector, it will duplicate the collector but not its contents (collected entities). For example, duplicating a Component will not duplicate its elements or geometry.

    Use the Entity Editor to modify any attributes.

  • Select entities in the modeling window then right-click and select Duplicate > <Component Option>.
    • Select Current Component to place the duplicated entities in whatever Component is current (bold) in the browser.
    • Select Original Component to place the duplicated entities in the same Component as the original selection.
    Available for the following entity types: elements, lines, points, solids, and surfaces.

    This will physically duplicate what is currently selected and will replace the selection with the new duplicated entities.