General Constraint

Class GeneralConstraint()

GeneralConstraint(parent='MODEL', name='GeneralConstraint_n', 
label='GeneralConstraint_n', active=True, expr='``', use_reaction_marker=False, 

Creates a general constraint.

Keyword Arguments

Argument Data Type Description Default
name String The variable name. GeneralConstraint_n, for next available integer n.
label String The descriptive label. GeneralConstraint_n, for next available integer n.
parent Object The parent. MODEL
active Boolean Used to activate or deactivate this entity. True
expr Function The expression value. '``'
use_reaction_marker Bool Use reaction marker when True for SolverMode ADAMS. False
reaction_marker Marker Marker reference when use_reaction_marker is True for SolverMode ADAMS. Global_Frame


1. The parent parameter can only be initialized by the constructor and should not be modified directly.

2. Only parent can be used as a positional argument in the constructor.