Slide Layout

Add a slide based on the layouts defined in the master PPT document to the report.

To view the layouts of the master PPT document, navigate to View > Slide Master as shown in the image below.
  • The slide layout options provided in the master document are aligned with Microsoft PowerPoint's Slide Master Layouts. More layouts can be added in the master document if necessary.
    Tip: For more information on how to add slide master and the corresponding slide layouts, refer to Microsoft Office PowerPoint help.
  • All layouts must be grouped under one Slide master. If the master document has more than one slide master, then only the layouts from the first slide master are read by the solution.
  • While reading contents of Layouts from the PPT master document:
    • Only placeholders of type Text, Image, and Table are read. Other placeholders such as Chart, SmartArt, and Media are not supported.
  • If a layout contains more than one table placeholder and the split table option is activated for more than one table, then only the first table is split.
The Slide Layout options provided in the Altair master document are:
  1. Text Only: Adds a slide with text only.
  2. Four Images Only: Adds a slide with four images.
  3. One Image with Caption: Adds a slide with only one image and caption.
  4. Three Images with Caption: Adds a slide with three images and captions.
  5. One Table with Caption: Adds a slide with one table and caption.
  6. Two Images with Caption: Adds a slide with two images and captions.
  7. Several divider slides with titles and image placeholders.

Adding a Slide Layout

  1. From the Report ribbon, click and select the layout option.


    Right-click at the Report level and select Add > Slide Layout.

    For example, select One Image with Caption.

    This adds the slide layout present in the master file selected earlier.
  2. Similarly, you can add other slide layouts to the report tree. All report items present in the slide layouts are displayed in the tree.