Add a table to the report.

  1. Right-click at the Report or Chapter level and select Add > Items > Table.


    From the Report Ribbon, Add Item tool group, click Table.
    Figure 1.
  2. Below are the properties associated with the Table entity.

    Figure 2.
    You change the name property of the table item.
    Provide a caption for the table entity. This caption is visible in the exported Document report.
    Select the data input type for the table entity. Available options are:
    Figure 3.
    Edit data to the table entity. Data entry to the table can be done through two methods.

    Figure 4.
    1. Manual: Enter the required number of rows and columns and click Update. This adds the number of rows and columns where you can enter the data manually.

      Figure 5.
    2. Import: You can also import table data from a CSV or XLSX file.
      • Click Import. A file browser option is displayed.
      • Select a file and click OK. This imports the data from the file and populates it in the table entity.
    External CSV/XLSX
    Import data from a CSV or an XLSX file. Select the required file and define the cell range to be imported to the table entity.
    Figure 6.
    TableView Window
    Import data to the table entity from the TableView window in the session. Select the TableView page/window for Location, define the cell range and other advanced options.
    Figure 7.
    HyperMesh Table
    Import data to the table entity from an existing HyperMesh Table collector in the session. Select the HyperMesh page/window for Location and select the required table from the Table list.
    Figure 8.
    Matrix Browser Table
    Use Matrix Browser table and Matrix Browser Macro script to generate data for the table entity.
    Figure 9.
    Location of Caption
    Select the caption location from the list. These are standard locations as present in Microsoft Word. Table caption locations can be:

    Figure 10.
    Auto Split Table
    Provides the function to split up tables automatically based on the space available in the slide or page.
    If Auto Split Table is disabled, Report allows you to split the table based on your requirement.

    Figure 11.
    Select if you want to split the table along the columns or rows.
    Maximum Rows
    Enter the value for the maximum number of rows for the table.
    Maximum Columns
    Enter the value for the maximum number of columns for the table.