Design Space: Local Voxel Mesh Creation

Before you begin, copy the file(s) used in this tutorial to your working directory:
  1. Start HyperWorks 2022.2.
  2. Open the model file.

    Figure 1.
  3. Click the Design Space ribbon.
  4. Click the Hole/Gap Fill tool.

    Figure 2.
  5. Click the Components selector then pick the pink component with the holes (Component ID 2000319).

    Figure 3.
  6. Use the settings shown below then click Fill.

    Figure 4.
  7. Click the Local tool to create local voxel mesh.

    Figure 5.
  8. Click on the guide bar and set the voxel size to 10.
    Leave the other options as default.

    Figure 6.
  9. Click on a node approximately at the location shown below to create a box.
    The dimension of box can be modified.

    Figure 7.
  10. Optional: Click Exclude on the guide bar to select components or elements to exclude from the design space.
  11. Click on the guide bar to create the local design space.
    The pink component is hidden in this example.

    Figure 8.
  12. Click the RBE3 tool to connect the design space by RBE3.

    Figure 9.
  13. Select the newly created design space.
  14. Click Components on the guide bar and select the components that need to be connected to the design space by RBE3.
  15. Click Create.

    Figure 10.