Change Element and Handle Display Settings

Change the visual display of elements and handles in the modeling window by configuring the element and handle display settings.

Restriction: Only available in HyperMesh

From the View Controls toolbar, click .

Figure 1.
  1. Beam section options - Display 1D beams as 3D elements or 1D and 3D elements.
  2. Shell thickness options - Display 2D shells as 3D elements or 2D and 3D elements.
  3. Ply layer and edges options - Display plies as independent layers, plies as independent layers with arrows connecting their direction, or ply colors at the edges of their boundaries.
  4. Shrink elements - Shrink all elements.
  5. Display points - Display all points.
  6. Element handles - Display element handles.
  7. Load handles - Display load handles.