User Defined Surface Impedance

This option allows the definition of a complex user defined surface impedance, Zs.

Figure 1. The SK - Add a skin effect (finite conductivity) dialog.
Note: The surface impedance (real and imaginary parts) are defined with the DI card. The SK card then uses the label defined at the DI card.


Material label
Label of the material which will be used as the defined surface impedance (as specified in the DI card).

For example, to model a solid dielectric object with relative permittivity ε r and with conductivity σ at a specific angular frequency ω=2πf , the following surface impedance expression will be used:

(1) Z s = μ 0 ϵ 0 ε r j σ ω

The user defined complex surface impedance Zs relates to the surface current Js and the E-field by E tan = Z s J s where E tan is the tangential E-field and J s is the surface current density.