Importing a .csv File into Excel

If a .csv file created from a HyperView table is imported directly into Excel, the data may not be imported into the columns correctly. HyperView exports the various data (vector for example) together into one field, as seen in the example below:

Figure 1.
Follow the steps below to import the data into separate columns:
  1. Create a new blank Excel spreadsheet.
  2. From the Data menu, go to the Import External Data > Import Data option.
    Note: The name of the options listed above may vary slightly, depending on the version of Excel that you are using.
  3. Select the .csv file that you would like to import and click Open.
  4. From the Text Import Wizard:
    1. Select the Delimited option and click Next.
    2. Under Delimiters, activate the Comma and Space check boxes and click Next.
      This allows you to separate the vector field into three columns.
    3. Click Finish and OK.
  5. Re-label the first row to correct the labels and add columns if needed.
    The example below shows that a column was added (Mag) in order to calculate Magnitude.

    Figure 2.