Authoring Expressions

The Expression Builder uses a Templex-like syntax to author Result Math XML commands.

Figure 1.
The current version is limited to authoring “in-line data types” only; that is, the expression text will generate a <datatype> command and the resulting <call> sequence required to generate values. It does not support authoring re-useable <expression> commands at this time. Some important points regarding the syntax in the Expression Builder:
  • An expression must be on a single line. Multi-line expressions or the capability to author reusable <expression> XML commands, may be added in the future.
  • Expressions are evaluated “inside-out”, that is, the inner-most expression evaluated and its results are fed to outer expressions. For example: ScaleParticipation( ExtractParticipation( ("Fluid 90013205"/ BCElemToNode( Area(LC0F1.elements,LC0F1.coordinates) , LC0F1.elements, avg)), SumParticipation("Fluid 90013205",90013205 ), XYZ, Proj) , 1.0).
  • Use space-separated literal strings to indicate constants: Myfunction(V1,”1 0 0”).
  • Use parenthesis to define nested expressions: ((T1+T2) – (T1-T2))/2.