SA Card

This card controls calculations of the specific absorption rate (SAR) in a dielectric.

On the Request tab, in the Solution requests group, click the  SAR (SA) icon.

Figure 1. The SA - Calculate the average absorption rate (SAR) dialog.


Request name
The name of the request.
Select Calculation
One of three SAR values which could be of interest should be selected in this group.
Specify the search region
This group can be used to control, by medium number, label number or layer number (for the special Green’s functions), which dielectric bodies are used for the specified calculation. It is also possible to specify a user defined position for the spatial average SAR computations.
Average/Peak SAR in all media/labels/layers
Select this option if the selected SAR calculation should be done on a By label, By medium or By layer basis. The whole body average SAR is also calculated. Selecting the volume by label is only valid for a FEM analysis.
Average/Peak SAR in a single medium/label/layer
The selected SAR calculation is obtained for the medium/label specified in the Include medium/Include label dialog.
Average/Peak SAR in a medium/label/layer range
The selected SAR calculation is performed on the label range as specified below in the input fields for Include medium/Include label and up to medium/up to label.
Centre of SAR cube
For the spatial average SAR computations using a specified position, the X, Y and Z coordinates of the cube centre should be specified here.

The required SAR calculation is performed, and the result saved in the .out file.

If the options Calculate volume-average SAR and Entire region are selected, the SAR, averaged over all media, is returned. If the options Calculate volume-average SAR and By medium are selected, the average SAR is calculated per medium and tabulated in the .out file. If a medium/label/layer range is specified, the SAR is averaged over the volume defined by the medium /label/layer range.

If a spatial-peak SAR calculation is requested, then spatial-peak SAR is computed, averaged over a mass of either 1 g or 10 g of tissue in the shape of a cube. By default, the search for the spatial peak SAR in the entire domain is returned, otherwise the spatial-peak SAR can be requested for regions in a specified medium/label/layer range or also at a user specified position.

When a special spherical or multilayer planar Green’s function is used, then also spatial peak average SAR values can be computed (not volume average SAR). A selection is possible by a single layer number, a range of layer numbers, or by including the whole dielectric volume in the search.