NVH TPL Editing Tool

Edit and test NVH templates used for creating lumped parameter (LP) models, multiple instances of one model transformed to a new geometric location, or loadcases.

This tool is invoked by clicking the icon.

Once a templex template (.tpl) file is selected using the drop-down menu, the Preview tab of the dialog is populated with the user interface generated by the template, while the Code tab is populated with the selected template code. Click Browse to navigate to a new folder if needed to populate an available template in the Select Templex drop-down menu.

Click Generate to generate a template output file in which parameters in the template are replaced by user provided input on the Preview tab. If necessary, select a new output file path in the Output file field. Click Open deck to load the output file in a text editor for review.

If the template is edited in the Code tab, click Save As to save a copy of the template, or click Save to save changes into the original template file. Click Show Log/Hide Log to toggle the display of the log area.