Pack and Go

Package all project data (Assembly .xml files, Representation files, LP Templates, Loadcase files, Job files and CSV templates) for transfer to others or for archival.

Click the icon to open the Pack and Go dialog.

There is an advanced option that allows you to maintain the original files/folder structure in the package. Upon unpacking, all of the models and databases will work seamlessly with updated links.

To pack project data, open the utility and activate the Pack option. Select a Package location and activate the data to be packaged. All of the selected data will be saved in a zipped folder in a selected location when you click Export. The zipped folder name will be the same as the Assembly XML.

To unpack a project, open the utility and activate the Unpack option. Select the necessary packed zipped package folder in the Package file. Select the Extract location where the project files are to be extracted and then click Import. All of the models and databases will be imported and will work seamlessly with the updated links.