Tuning Set Manager

Create standard tuning sets that can be used in the Analysis Manager for automatically setting up quick modification runs in NVH analysis.

The Tuning Set Manager is invoked by clicking the icon, which opens the Manage Tuning Set dialog.

To add tuning sets, click the icon, which opens the Define Tuning Set dialog, and enter a tuning set name. To edit a tuning set, select a tuning set and click the icon, which opens the Define Tuning Set dialog, and edit the appropriate fields. To delete a tuning set, select the tuning set and click the icon. Tuning sets can be reviewed by clicking the icon.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.
To create a new tuning part, click the icon in the Define Tuning Set dialog. Enter a tuning part name and select a tuning type.

Figure 3.
Different types of available tuning parts are shown in picture below.

Figure 4.
Bush Part
Creates spring element between selected nodes
Mass Damper
Creates a concentrated mass element at the selected node
Tuned Mass Damper
Creates a tuned mass damped with mass and spring element
Beam Part
Creates a beam element between selected nodes
Rigid Part
Creates a rigid element between selected nodes
There is an option available in the Analysis Manager to activate/deactivate the use of tunings for quick modification studies.

Figure 5.