Subcase Information Entry The A2GG command can be used to select a direct input fluid-structure coupling matrix.


A2GG = name


Argument Description
name Name of a fluid-structure coupling matrix that is input in the Bulk Data section using the DMIG card.


  1. DMIG matrices will not be used unless selected in the Subcase Information section.
  2. The matrix selected applies to all subcases.
  3. The selected fluid-structure coupling matrix is always added to the computed coupling matrix.
  4. The referenced DMIG entry must be a square matrix (field 4 must be 1), where GJ corresponds to fluid points, CJ=0, Gi corresponds to structural points, Ci corresponds to DOF, and Ai corresponds to the area values.
  5. Multiple instances of A2GG are allowed, and the referenced matrices will used in the solution.