Subcase Information Entry The RWALL command can be used to select rigid walls for Explicit Dynamic Analysis.


RWALL = option


Argument Options Description
option <SID>

No default

Set identification of an RWALADD Bulk Data Entry or, if a RWALADD Bulk Data Entry does not exist with this SID, the set identification of RWALL Bulk Data Entries.


  1. Only one RWALL entry can be present for each subcase. It can only be used in subcases that contain an ANALYSIS = EXPDYN entry.
  2. If the SID referenced by the RWALL Subcase Information Entry matches with the SID defined for an RWALADD Bulk Data Entry, the information on this entry alone is selected. However, if a RWALADD Bulk Data Entry does not have the referenced SID defined, then any XHSIT Bulk Data Entries that have this SID defined will be selected.